Senseair K96红外多合一气体模块

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  • 产品品牌:瑞典SenseAir
  • 产品型号:K96
  • 所属分类:红外气体传感器

A small, versatile, and high precision 3-channel NDIR sensor

A breakthrough in the NDIR sensing! With the K96 sensors, Senseair introduces a very novel approach to measure simultaneously up to 3 different species with one mid-IR source. The sensor has excellent performance such as high accuracy and long lifetime.

Senseair K96 is designed for high volume production with full traceability by sensor serial number on all manufacturing processes and key components. Every sensor is individually calibrated and is provided with UART digital interface. The sensor is maintenance-free.

Senseair K96 is a module that is designed for simple integration into products. It offers new cost-effective alternatives for a wide variety of applications from GHG (CO2, CH4) monitoring at urban or industrial scales to indoor air quality studies in specific environments (N2O, CO)

Senseair K96规格

Measured gas:Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Methane (CH4), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Nitrous Oxide (N2O), Hydrocarbons (HC), Water Vapour (H2O)

Operating Principle:Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR)

Measurement range:CO2: 0~3000 ppm;CH4: 0~3000 ppm;CO: 0~80 ppm;N2O: 0~1000 ppm


Maintenance:Periodic 1 point calibration

Life Expectancy:15 years in normal commercial environments

Power supply:6~8.5 VDC

Operation temperature:0~50°C

Communication & outputs:UART (Modbus, FastStream)


Energy consumption:300mA peak, 120mA average

Pin headers:Optional

Self-diagnostics:A full system test is executed automatically every time the power is turned ON

Senseair K96主要优势:

Up to 3 species measured simultaneously

High precision

Maintenance free

Long term stability

Long lifetime

Individually calibrated with temperature and pressure compensation